Friday, July 15, 2011

Scrapbook Area/Room Organization

Today I thought I'd share some of my ideas to organize a (small) scrapbook area (I have part of a room). I recently moved my 10 cart drawer (see it in this video, more specifically @ 10:40) out of my scrapbook area. This was alot of good space to organize, but I need it somewhere else now. Everything that was in that, now has to be organized other places throughout my scrapbooking area.
TIP: Use things that you'd normally throw away. Wash out the item & let it dry. Cover it with some cute patterned paper.

This is just a locker organizer. I thought it would be nice to organize some of my commonly used items. You can usually find these around this time of year.

This is a cereal box. I cut 3 sides off the front, so it will open and close. This houses all of my stickers.

This is a cocoa powder container. I covered it with some cute patterned paper. I kept the lid in case I ever want to put something different in it. Now, it houses my edge craft sizzors.

This came from either staples or office depot...can't remember. These are at the little stations where you can pick different types of paper clips and office supplies, After I used up all of the paper clips, I used it to store pens and pencils.

I got this a while back, they are frequently sold at the Target Dollar Spot. I thought I'd store my buttons in it, because I don't have a huge collection of buttons.

I LOVE this. I use it at a mini trash can for my desk. I covered it with some sparkly patterned paper. It helps my desk stay clean while I am working on big projects.

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