Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blue& Green Owl Card

Here is an easy card you can make in minutes!

A2 Size Lime Green Cardstock
Blue Craft Tissue Paper
White Cardstock
Strip of Scrap Green Patterned Paper
Arrow Stamp
StudioG Owl Stamp
Green Pigment Ink
ZING! Embossing Powder in Aqua
Embossing Heat Tool
Blue Button
Green Thread

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thoughts & Prayers Card

Here is another video for you all. I think the colors are a little bright for a sympathy card, so next time, I would use softer earth tones.

Here is the screen shot I promised. I might do a tutorial of using basic shapes to make more complicated ones.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How To: Heat Emboss

Hey Everyone! Thought I'd pop in for a quick tutorial tonight. Embossing can be super easy and fast. Embossing adds detail & dimension to your projects. The great part is- you use your favorite stamps that you already own! I have had my heat embossing tool since Christmas 2009, but never used it. I have recently watched many tutorials and compiled the best ideas into this quick 'How-To'

Zebra Invitations

Here are some awesome zebra invitations I made using Sure Cuts a Lot. I made them a while ago and forgot to share. These are the instructions. I love these!

1.) Find a good zebra print, just google zebra print or zebra background.
2.) Save it to your computer
3.) Import it into Sure Cuts A Lot using the 'AutoTrace'
4.) Size it down to the desired size.
5.) add a box to the bottom portion. Select both the box and zebra print and 'weld.'
6.) Add 2 thin boxes up the sides and a thin box on top. Weld all of the pieces together.
7.) Create a letter. Find/Make a scalloped circle. Insert the desire initial/monogram to the scallop circle. I used the font 'Curlz'
8.) Create another scallop circle of the same size & shape.
9.) Cut out the zebra print and the solid scallop circle in black, and the scallop circle w/ initial in pink.
10.) Use the same pink color for your base.
11.) Apply coordinating ribbon at the split of zebra print and the solid box.
12.) Apply the Zebra configuration & ribbon to the base.
13.) Glue the initial scallop circle to the blackscallop circle.
14.) Use a pop dot to adhere the intial scallop to the middle of the card.